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Because of our efficient services and solutions, our business partners trust us with procurement needs that require confidentiality, security, compliance; both import and export, and international financial transactions.
Our partners receive the highest quality of service and innovative solutions. Continuous development is the key and because of today's business climate, we are constantly engineering new solutions and reengineering proven ones that fit our partner's needs.

We offer full-spectrum support to industrial , commercial , and government clients across multiple markets by fulfilling thier procurement needs and providing support in turnarounds , shutdowns , and outages anually for power generation oil refining , chemical  processing , and other industrial clients. Whether for emergency repairs , capital project tie-ins,or major shutdowns requiring several craft workers,We have the management and staffing expertise to safely and successfully execute these time-crictical events.

The Sadidians perform total plant turnarounds and shutdowns both as the incumbent on-site contractor and as independant turnaround contractor,based on equipment inspection reports,scope of work and client requirements. 

We also facilitate our valuable customers for forwarding and clearance of Goods and Machinery from all over the world to their site. Our expertise in the procedure of Export Process always results to economical expenditures. We also facilitate for the sea and air freight management. Our subsidiary firms given below deliver the best performance for their satisfaction.

  • Port Linker
  • Zeeshan International
  • B.S International
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